Alejandro Perdomo-Ortiz

Senior Research Scientist at NASA Ames and USRA

Alejandro Perdomo-Ortiz is a Senior Research Scientist exploring the computational limits of quantum computing and the opportunities for problems in artificial intelligence. He is currently the lead scientist of the quantum machine learning effort at NASA’s Quantum Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (NASA QuAIL) and holds an Honorary Senior Research Associate position at University College London. He is also a lead scientific advisor to Cambridge Quantum Computing.

Alejandro received a master’s degree in Chemistry and a Ph.D. in Chemical Physics from Harvard University. He has worked in the implementation of several applications of interest to NASA QuAIL where he has built up a considerable record of programming D-Wave quantum annealers. Over the past decade, he has worked on several foundational methods to implement robust quantum algorithms and developed programming and device characterization strategies that achieved up to two orders of magnitude boost in performance for certain problem instances. His latest research involves the design of hybrid quantum-classical algorithms to solve hard optimization problems and machine learning applications.

He is a three-time winner of Harvard’s Certificate of Excellence in Teaching and the Dudley R. Herschbach Teaching Award for teaching quantum mechanics to undergraduate students. While at NASA, he was the recipient of the 2014 Staff Appreciation and Recognition (STAR) Award from the University of California, and the 2016 Ames Honor Award in the category of Contractor Employee. In 2017 he was recognized by the Colombian Embassy in the USA as one of the top 22 most influential Colombians in the USA, for his scientific leadership and outreach to help young generations interested in science and technology. Twitter: @aperdomoortiz

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