Douglas Hines

True Companion

True Companion www.TrueCompanion.com is the manufacturer of the World’s First Sex Robot, Roxxxy. True Companion’s humanoid robots utilize a proprietary AI platform called “Foundation AI” which is a robust machine learning AI engine that utilizes an easy to use natural language conversational interface. True Companion’s robots look and feel like a human, have emotion and may utilize one of many personalities, creating a unique, tailored experience for the customer.

In addition, Douglas is the managing member of TC systems www.TCSystems.com which is focused on partnering with industry and providing AI as well as robotic solutions.

Douglas worked at Bell Labs and several other organizations, providing assistance in the field of AI and machine learning. He and his team have assisted with many commercial and military systems and have applied AI and lessons learned in the fields of future weapons systems, human/machine interface, medical/healthcare and retail solutions as well as integrating AI into existing product offerings.

Douglas Hines may be reached at DHines@TrueCompanion.com

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