Hilary Carter

Director of Faculty, Blockchain Research Institute

In witnessing digital innovations completely transform businesses – from mobile technology to blockchain – Hilary has dedicated her professional life to helping businesses and business leaders to succeed, specifically through digital communications strategies that ensure they’re still in business ten years from now, and leading the competition. It’s what she loves to do.

Hilary partners with business leaders, companies, and community-based organizations to maximize the opportunities available to them on social media and decentralized networks. These opportunities include building trust, creating equity, brand enhancement, developing new markets, driving traffic to websites, and increasing engagement with clients, customers and stakeholders.

Hilary advocates for purpose-driven, digital leadership and greater levels of transparency and accountability in business and government using social media and open-ledger networks. She is passionate about helping leaders transition their vision and mission to digital spaces, helping them to become global influencers that better inspire others, establish trust with clients and employees, create pipelines of talent for their organizations, and build their company’s brand – each and every day.

My Sessions