Richard Yim

Co-Founder, Demine Robotics

Richard Yim is a Co-Founder of Demine Robotics. Even today, there are still thousands of landmine-related deaths every year. In addition to the direct cost of human life, landmines are also accompanied with other consequences. Heavily mined regions are unable to be farmed stunting the economic growth of agricultural economies.

In order to combat the use of landmines, large-scale efforts have been enacted. However, of these large-scale efforts a popular approach is manual-excavation and controlled explosions. In this instance, landmines are removed from the ground manually in order to be neutralized. This increased contact with the landmine is both extremely dangerous as well as time-consuming.

Richard’s team is developing a product to make the demining process safer and more efficient by building a machine to excavate and neutralize mines without human supervision.

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