Ryan Janzen

Co-Founder & CTO TransPod Inc

Ryan Janzen is a scientist, engineering researcher, and entrepreneur. Featured on the Discovery Channel, Wired magazine, and Through the Wormhole, Janzen’s innovations have been featured in 110+ international lectures, media interviews, and scientific publications. Janzen’s work has led to entirely new fields of research, including extramissive optics, veillance flux, swarm modulation, and the world’s first aircraft PLC research. His innovations have led to advances in acoustics, aerospace electronics, mathematics, and vehicle propulsion.

Janzen is co-founder and CTO of TransPod, designing a next generation of ultra-high-speed aerospace vehicles, to move passengers and cargo between cities at over 1000 km/h. Janzen is the chief architect of the multi-billion-dollar future system: transportation infrastructure, operations, aerodynamics, propulsion and avionics.

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